måndag 30 juli 2012

Day 15 - wet, wet and even more wet

Large heavy raindrops werepattering against the canvas when the hikers woke up this morning and it continued to rain until about 17.30. At a quarter to ten o'clock they left their camp and they went about 3 kilometers until Munsvattnet. They followed the trail of a quad bike, a track that at times was very unclear, and after about 1.5 km, they had lost it. They then passed over the wet bogs with 5-10 cm of water to walk in and as they were passing a small stream Håkan slipped and fell into the water. With water both above and below it was just to put up with wet feet.

Unfortunately, he discovered that the newly purchased rain jacket brand ARC teryx keeps the rain out but respiratory function is practically nonexistent and worst of all - the pockets become water filled. Sadly, Håkan had put his camera in one of the pockets, so now it's broken, but luckily, his phone is waterproof, because it was also in a water-filled pocket.

In spite of the persistent rain todays walk has been quite good due to some exciting animal encounters. A raccoon suddenly came running about 15-20 feet in front of them. Both Birk and Håkan were very surprised and didn't react before it was gone and they were equally surprised by the the big birds that every now and then suddenly fluttered up a few meters from them.

Today's stage will be about 40km, but tomorrow it will be a day of rest at Gäddede camping in front of the TV and the Olympics.

Birk is waiting for Håkan to be ready

Hällingsåfallet a spectacular waterfall which they passed. The water falls 43 meters

As Håkan turned his back towards Birk he jumped to the table

Trying to find a nice route through the  woods

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