onsdag 25 juli 2012

Sleepy hikers

This morning the hikers slept until 10:45, by then they had been in the tent for 13 hours. They did not sleep properly at all this time but both had great need of rest.
Today's hike took place in fair weather and Håkan have had shorts and still thought it was almost ot to walk. At half past four they had walked about 15km and reached Tångeråsen & Gärde which is a community center with many exciting activities (those interested can read more here (http://www.tangerasen-garde.se/). From night camp to Tångeråsen  Håkan chose to use his his thumb compass (being an old orinteer, he seems to rely more on it than on the GPS that he chose to leave home). They went straight through the forest for 4 km and Håkan told me with satisfaction that after 4 km of 100 000-piece map they ended up only 25 m wrong.
The vicious foot is slowly improving, when he goes on the road it feels almost ok, it's worse when the ground is uneven.

Birk looks to that they keep up a good speed

and he's a good path finder

always with a smile on his face

Birk on the bridge at Tångeråsen. This bridge respresented a rainbow in the theatre about the  Web of the Nornor

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