måndag 23 juli 2012

Short cuts often makes a slower way

The shortcut that Hakan took to get to Skedbrostugan proved to be very demanding.  As I previously said, he ended up in a landscape of rocks. He had to make an effort to maintain balance constanly striding up and down and Birk sometimes even got stuck between rocks. Håkan decided henceforth to follow marked trails, even if distance is longer. If you are going to Skedbrostugan he recommends to pass Rogenstugan not Femundmarka.

 Gnats and mosquitoes have been hard to Hakan. They have an ability to put themselves in places where he can not reach to wave them away, like at the backs of the gaps between the backpack and carrying straps and it's hard to self-anoint this spots with insect repellent. Birk has passed the mosquito plague better, but have been allowed to sleep in the tent to avoid both mosquitoes and rain. The weather so far has been good hiking weather, with cool weather during the day and rain at night.

Hakan began his walk with about 30kg on his back. He was a bit chocked as he had weighed his baggage, what would he be able to pick off? The conclusion was that everything had to follow. After a few days of walking, he has evaluated his pack and he will send home some things. Birk does not seem to have any trouble carrying the approximately 6 kg is in his bags. He just keeps on walking holding his tail happily high charming everyone they encounter with his winning smile and he is a very good company for Håkan.

So far, hikers have moved about 20 km / day, which is slower than the plan and the shortcut really slowed them down. During six hours, they struggled among the rocks and covered only 5 km. But Håkan is in good spirits and hope that a slightly lighter backpack and better choice of path will mean a slightly higher speed.

Last night they slept in Skedbrostugan where Håkan unfortunately forgot the insoles to his hiking boots. After a few hours walking with increasingly sore feet, he came to grips with why the boots were no longer so comfortable, but it did not seem an option to return after the soles. He would rather try and get hold of a pair of new in Tandådalen where he now has enjoyed trout for dinner at the mountain hotel.

Today's stage was about 25km and ended at 21 o'clock in the mountains northwest of Funäsdalen.

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