måndag 23 juli 2012

Worse weather

With the wind whistling in the handset, I tried to understand what Håkan had to say. The weather today was not the best, rain and strong winds.

On the night of Friday, they s lept at Ljungan hut and later in the day they arrived at Helags where Håkan met old adventure racing buddies who photographed him and Birk.

Last night they had gone a little too late to try to find a good resting place. When darkness came Håkan didn't see where he went and trampled down in a bog, luckily no more than knee height, but hiking boots and socks had became wet.

Birk is incredibly responsive, he keeps himself constantly close to Håkan and listens fantastically well to all commands. They have encountered several chicks and Birk, despite considerable interest, has been content to watch, after Hakan has told him to do nothing else.

I wonder what Birk thought of this

It looks a bit shaky

They made it!

Happy hikers at Helags

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