söndag 22 juli 2012

The samoyedman

As I was going to participate in the Femundrace in 2010 I wrote a blogg "Thoughts from a samoyedmusher".http://samojeder.blogspot.se/ I did not write this in English but those of you who know Swedish could take part of my training and thoughts for this race as well as the Polardistace the same year. At the finish of Polardistance, which me and my samoyeds won over all the other polar dogs ( we were five hours ahead of the second team - siberian huskies included) the head of the competition, Anders Hörnlund, greeted me and my team.calling me the "Samoyedman". The performance of the dogs and this word from Anders is stuck in my mind and it's with great humility I carry the epithet "The samoyedman"

On the 16:th of july, I and the samoyed dog Birk, will start our hike from Grövelsjön going north. I will send MMS to Christina, my wife, as I have cover for my phone and she has promised to try and represent some of our calls via this blogg.

Please keep your fingers crossed that I and Birk will keep healthy and you are welcome to follow us on our hike.

///  Håkan N

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