måndag 23 juli 2012

Rain and gnats - but good speed

In the last two days the weather has been really bad. It has been raining and windy and in between the gnats and mosquitoes formed a troublesome pest. Håkan's injured foot is better, but his feet are sore after he walked several kilometers without insoles.

The night from Saturday to Sunday, they slept in the STF cabin in Lunndörren. At 13 o'clock today they had already hiked about 30 km and the plan is to go hiking during the night to be able to arrive at Järpen (at Karina and Rasmus on Night trail before they start work tomorrow) where I have sent food and some other stuff that Håkan is missing.

They are now walking on the road which makespossible to keep a higher speed Håkan was in very good spirits when he called today and he has only praise to say about Birk that impresses more and more. The swaying suspension bridges, he can now cross without beeing afraid, even though he was initially quite hesitant.

Unfortunately I have no new pictures to post - it has not been photo-friendly weather.

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