måndag 3 september 2012

Finish!!! Day 50 3/9-12

I just had a call from Håkan. He and Birk have now arrived at Treriksröset and will start their journey back  to Molkom. 

Last leg

After leaving Magnus in Ritsem Birk and Håkan walked towards Abisko. After about 40 km they stopped at Hukejaurestugan on Norkalottenleden, The 24/8  they arrived at Kungsleden and then they went almost straight east for a whole day. When they arrived at Sälkastugan they had 60 km left to Abisko. Now it is apparent that autumn is approaching and that they are far north. The first snow fell as they were close to Sälka. They camped at Allesjaure and passed then the remaining sixty kilometers to Abisko in two days where they arrived on Sunday, 26/8. On Monday, they had to stay in Abisko to get hold of a map of the last bit. After a lot of fuss Håkan was eventually able to make contact with a friendly Norwegian who lent his map. The map was unfortunately from 1987 so it was not entirely up to date existing trails and cabins, but Håkan said "The mountains, lakes and streams have not moved in any case." Håkan want to send a greeting and a big thanks to Jon Sommerset who lent his map. On Monday, it fell about 7 cm of snow in Abisko so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be spared more snow in leg between Abisko and Pältsa (I have not heard anything from Håkan since he left Abisko because there is no phone coverage).

The 28/8 there was a bit shorter leg because both Birk and Håkan had filled their bags with supplies and had to carry heavy.  After 24 km  up and down up and down it was nice to camp and getting a rest. Plan is that they will hike hard for four days to hopefully reach Pältsastugan then remains only about 12km to Treriksröset.

torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Beautiful weather, 23/8-12

In the last 6 days (Friday-Wednesday) the hikers have enjoyed mostly fantastic weather. They've taken it pretty easy, fishing and swimming. Birk has shown further evidence of his courage and balance as they have gone over long swaying suspension bridges.

Yesterday afternoon they arrived at Ritsem where they ate and slept well. Magnus has started working so now Håkan and Birk are alone again and today they began the trek to Abisko which is the last depot before Treriksröset.

Magnus on top of a rauk

These strange round holes were made by the water

The longest bridge so far

Berta took good care of us as we last spring visited the station where she was a hostess

The sami Mikael gave the hikers a ride over Akkajaure to Ritsem

yesterday it could have been nice to have an umbrella but a cliff worked almost as well


Slippery and swaying bridge

Sunday morning was a bit cold so it was nice to put on a beanie

Camping place sunday to monday

the pots were to small for the big fish that Magnus caught

Mountain lizard?

Håkan nearly fell into the water as he was trying to catch some fish for dinner. He dropped the fishing rod, but it got stuck between some stones so they could pick it up

Proud fisherman

Seems like a nice dinner

Narrow, slippery and swaying

The best sandwich ever and the most expensive beer

lördag 18 augusti 2012

Nice company

On Thursday the hikers arrived at Kvikkjokk where Magnus (Håkan's sister's husband) was waiting. Magnus will walk together with Håkan and Birk to Ritsem.

Webmaster has taken time off for a few days since one of the bitches at home had puppies and the vacation has come to an end so time has not been enough to update the blog. Phone coverage is now fairly sporadic yes indeed almost non-existent and I haven't spoken to Håkan since thursday there for I haven't so much to write about. Last I heard something from Håkan all was good. They had left Kvikkjokk and walked about 10km and he called to tell me that from now until Ritsem he expects to be on the white map according existing phone coverage. He has at least sent some photos.

Håkan and Magnus say hiking is very nice

A Fjällbrud is a flower which is protected

The sun comes again after 5mm rain