lördag 18 augusti 2012

Nice company

On Thursday the hikers arrived at Kvikkjokk where Magnus (Håkan's sister's husband) was waiting. Magnus will walk together with Håkan and Birk to Ritsem.

Webmaster has taken time off for a few days since one of the bitches at home had puppies and the vacation has come to an end so time has not been enough to update the blog. Phone coverage is now fairly sporadic yes indeed almost non-existent and I haven't spoken to Håkan since thursday there for I haven't so much to write about. Last I heard something from Håkan all was good. They had left Kvikkjokk and walked about 10km and he called to tell me that from now until Ritsem he expects to be on the white map according existing phone coverage. He has at least sent some photos.

Håkan and Magnus say hiking is very nice

A Fjällbrud is a flower which is protected

The sun comes again after 5mm rain

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