måndag 13 augusti 2012

Day 29 13/8-12 20km

Miss in logistics

Just as usual the hikers woke up, like early birds, at 8am, after a cold night and were greeted by a clear blue sky. The fine weather persisted throughout the day and for the sixth consecutive day Håkan enjoyed being able to walk in shorts without being bothered by neither mosquitoes, gnats or other insects and the temperature was pleasant (around 20-25 degrees).

At 11 o'clock, they reached Adolfström. There, they ate breakfast and waited for the post that would come with a new package of dog food and freeze dried food to Håkan, but ouch - there was no package and the next mail delivery would not come until Wednesday. Would they be forced to stay in Adolfström until Wednesday?

After a nice shower Håkan happened to meet Tom Wiklund from Arjeplog. To Håkans delight he had both a map and dog food, with which he sponsored Håkan. After a visit to the shop the gasket was full again and the hikers could continue. The clock was now just after 16 so todays stage became relatively short.

Today, Håkan picked and ate the first ripe cloudberries, earlier he has just seen unripe berries.

The little shop in Adolfström , well worth   a visit, sells almost everything

Birk stops  to drink  at every stream 

Interesting trail mark

This was one of the hardest parts to go sledging with a 10-team of samoyeds, which I did last spring

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