torsdag 2 augusti 2012

Day 18 - distance about 25km

At four o'clock this morning it started raining and it persisted until eleven o'clock. This meant that the hikers did not start today's stage until 13 o'clock. Then it cleared up and the tent dried. Håkans boots, however, was not dry, they were soaked wet already yesterday when, after having successfully balanced on stones across a pretty wide stream, Håkan grabbed a little birch tree to pull himself ashore. The birch was sadly decayed and Håkan fell backwards. , he managed to stay on his feet, but his newly dried boots and socks were of course soaked.

Today's stage has been relatively easy, at least the part that went over the mountain. Håkan was very tired of bogs and yesterday's stage was a wintertrail that went over many bogs which they had to go around. Todays stage over the mountain therefore felt easy going, although the stage was very hilly for example they got down 300 meters in only 1,5 km. But since down is harder to go than up Håkan felt that the 2 kilometers where they went from 440 meter above sea to 900 meter, was easy going as well.

At Väktarmons shelters, they took a break, rested and ate some. The legs and feet now feels good so if the weather will not be too bad Håkan feels great confidence.

Crossing streams has now become everyday work

Even Birk seems to enjoy the beautiful view

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