söndag 12 augusti 2012

Day 28 12/8-12 34km

Continued good hiking weather and a lighter backpack makes life easy for Håkan. Today's stage on great trails and in the absence of mosquitoes, gnats and brakes has been very nice . Yesterday's stage became a total of 38km. After I had spoken to Håkan, he found out that the place which he had planned to put up the tent was inappropriate in the strong wind. After another 3 km, they found a good spot in the lee of a small hill and with water nearby.

Birk has learned that he almost every time get a little taste of his master as the food is running out, but yesterday as Håkan gave him 4 hg minced meat he didn't think it was his food. Håkan had to say Go ahead several times before he dared to eat, but then he licked every last bit with pleasure, and could even eat the last of Håkan's potato salad.

Birk has become really tough and does not hesitate at all as he shall go over swaying bridges with foaming rapids below, he now relies entirely on Håkan and he is sure that Håkan will not ask him to do something that might be dangerous.

Yesterdays camping place

Maybe this is one of the places where we had to shuffle snow to be able to go on with our sledges last spring as we went the Vita bandet

lunch time

The water below is really fascinating

therfore Håkan always keep Birk on leach as they pass bridges

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