söndag 5 augusti 2012

Day 16- Heavy

I'm sorry I just realized I haven't made this writing public it's a bit late.

After a day of a much needed rest and provisioning the hikers are back on track. Håkan has taken the opportunity to wash some clothes and to dry the tent.

The backpack and Birks bag were well stocked with clean clothes and food as they went off today at 12:30  It felt heavy announced Håkan when I talked to him at 14 o'clock, even though he had picked out somepiece equipment. Birk has had a little extra care, Håkan has groomed him with the comb, which he seemed to appreciate. Håkan's foot is basically back to normal, but he says he feels his legs are a bit worn out.
Gratifying to see the weather in the coming days will be nice and Håkan expects that they will reach
Tärnaby in about 10 days.

Soon back on track

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