onsdag 8 augusti 2012

Day 24 8/8-12 about 30km


Today I have no photo because Håkan had not battery enough to shoot. It rained all night and still at 10 when Håkan thought it was time to break camp. But then a few minutes later the clouds broke up and a short while later the sun shone from a clear blue sky. The good weather lasted all day and both Håkan, Birk and bremsen / brakes thrived. The trail has unfortunately been as bad as yesterday and the worst piece in today's stage was just before they arrived at Tärnaby, it was so steep that Håkan was forced to crawl on all fours to keep his balance.

Now hikers have a room atTärnsjöns hostels. Håkan has taken a hot shower and enjoyed the dinner of salmon with potato salad, a nice change compared to the freeze-dried food that otherwise is on the menu. The tent is hanging to dry and so is the sleeping bag which got wet at the foot end and Håkan will sleep well in a soft bed tonight.

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