onsdag 8 augusti 2012

Day 22 -cold night

Yesterday the weather was variable with some rain, pretty good hiking weather, but despite this, it is not nice to discover that you have walked 2 km in the wrong direction and therefore must go total 4 km extra to get right. Håkan and Birk followed a snowmobile trail when they suddenly discovered that there were no marking crosses and it was just to turn around and go back.

When they woke up this morning there was frost on the tent, but even at 9 it was really hot and it's been all day. A slight breeze has made the mosquitoes go away and the other stinging insects have also been relatively few.

- I look like a judge in my salt striped clothes, he said today. When I get to civilization again, I will wash them. The warm days make him sweat more or less all the time and the salt in the sweat form streaks on his clothes.

Today's stage was about 30km and was rather boring, up and down through dense birch forest and over wet bogs and the landscape have not offered any beautiful views. The travelers have gone from 11 to about 20 pm and the day ended with a nice bath in Båtsjön where they will sleep tonight.

At a stream crossing Håkan slipped again and became wet on one foot. Wet shoes are not comfortable to walk in so it's something you really want to avoid .

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Todays stage has passed through rein deer grazing areas

It's nice to discover that the bridge is intact

The trail was a small path through bushes


Camp at Båtsjön

After bath

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