lördag 11 augusti 2012

Day 27 11/8-12 35km

After an early morning, they broke camp already shortly after 07 pm, the start of todays hiking was fairly difficult and less enjoyable north of Tjulträsket. The trail went on footbridges which were surrounded by man's height vegetation. Birk went first and the only thing impling that he was somewhere there in front of Håkan was a gently swaying in the vegetation. All of a sudden there was a cabin in the wilderness, at Rödingviken. A sign explained that aready in 1923 a phone was installed here  which made the house a meeting point of contact with the outside world.
The travelers arrived in Ammarnäs sometime before 14. In Ammarnäs commercial Håkan received a package, which I had sent, containing a lighter sleeping bag and a lighter sleeping pad. The old sleeping bag and sleeping pad are now on there way home by mail and Håkan is enjoying the fact that his bacpack now is about 4 kg lighter. Now we just keep our fingers crossed that the lighter sleeping bag will keep its promises regarding the ability to keep the warmth.

In Ammarnäs  Håkan was told he had been very lucky with the weather. It was the hottest day so far this summer in Ammarnäs and probably the only day when shorts were suitable as clothing for a hiker.

The cabin in Rödingvik. The flag is the samic flag

Birk proudly carries his bags

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