måndag 23 juli 2012

Tough nightly march

From the church in Undersåker the hikers yesterday followed Mittnordenleden through paddocks and parallel to grazing fields for cows. Birk and the cows curiously greeted each other nose to nose, but as the cows gave off a powerful sniff Birk felt that they had to move on.

The night before today it was thought that they should sleep at least a few hours in Bergvik hut (a shelter), but despite that Håkan with various tricks tried to keep the gnats away from his face, it was impossible to sleep. Eventually, he succeeded by putting a towel on his forehead, just below the screen on his Beppe hat, this made the mosquito net keep some distance from the face, and he was able to get a few hours sleep, but at 2 o'clock, he had had enough.

It was a tough march, and they hiked about 25 km in less than 5 hours. When they arrived at the Night Trail in Järpen they were royally received by Rasmus and Karina. Håkan had the privilege of lodging in a guest cottage with a made ​​bed, and he was invited to breakfast. He has also taken the opportunity to wash some of his clothes. The day he will spend mostly in bed with the now swollen foot i a high position.

If his foot is ok tomorrow the plan is to quite early begin the trek along the road 336 and on the small roads / paths move towards Valsjöbyn.

Yesterday, their path was crossed by both moose and reindeer, in just a few meters. Normally our dogs try to hunt if they smell or see a moose, so I was very surprised when Håkan told how Birk, trembling with eagerness and excitement, very obediently stood still next to Håkan.

I hope that Håkan will send more photos soon, the battery in the phone was running out, so that's why either elk or reindeer meetings were perpetuated.

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