måndag 23 juli 2012

Close encounter

The night before today, they spent in the tent in the mountains northwest of Funäsdalen. In the middle of the night Birk suddenly rose and sniffed the air with pointed ears. Outside the tent Håkan could hear the sound from any living being, not just one, but several. They listened for a while for the sniffling, scratches and other indeterminate noise. As Håkan had gathered some courage and looked outside the tent he saw barely three meters from the tent was moving large dark bodies with quiet movements. The tent was surrounded by a herd of reindeer, which curiously was snorting, inhaling the scents of Håkan and Birk. Birk also peeked out but made no attempt to leave the tent. After a short time the herd left and Birk and Håkan then went to sleep again and slept until about 8.30 am. Ahead lay the path down to Ramundbergets ski resort, a path that turned out to be very poor. At the ski resort they had some lunch and a bit of a rest.

Birk is looking for some rein deeer

With some pancakes in the stomach Håkan and Birk started the heavy hike uphill from the ski resort towards Fältjägaren.

Håkan has during the day had quite a pain in the ankle which he injured last night when the backpack got stuck in a birch tree branch as he went under. Håkan lost his balance and staggered back against Birk. To avoid damage Birk he made an unsuccessful attempt to pirouette and landed hard on one leg. En bang like a branch breaking echoed across the valley. Håkan gently straightened the leg, it did really hurt, but did not seem to be broken.

After the night's rest the injured leg felt pretty ok, a bit stiff and sore but it was probably just a severe sprain.

Resting on their way to Fältjägaren

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