torsdag 26 juli 2012

Dinner at Jänsmässholmens hotel

After about 18 km hike in changing weather, Håkan and Birk arrived at Jänsmässholmens mountain hotel, an old Sami school that has been converted into a mountain hotel.
Yesterday when they were hiking on a road a car with a woman and 4 samojedgirls stopped. It turned out that Hakan was acquainted with the woman, Yvonne. They had met at one of samojedklubbens annual winter collections. Yvonne offered Håkan sauna and dinner at the mountain hotel which Hakan thought sounded like a good idea.
After a very tasty dinner of trout, there was a sauna. Birk decided then that they would stay and sleep in the hotel, simply by laying down and fall asleep after having visited the four samojedtikarna.
Håkan's bad foot becomes steadily better. It is still swollen but it makes less and less pain when he walks.

This bridge used to be a border where one had to pay tax to be allowed to pass. How much depended on how many animal and which kind one brought. Håkan would have had to pay 160 SEK

Yvonne, Birk and the four samoyed girls at the bar

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