torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Beautiful weather, 23/8-12

In the last 6 days (Friday-Wednesday) the hikers have enjoyed mostly fantastic weather. They've taken it pretty easy, fishing and swimming. Birk has shown further evidence of his courage and balance as they have gone over long swaying suspension bridges.

Yesterday afternoon they arrived at Ritsem where they ate and slept well. Magnus has started working so now Håkan and Birk are alone again and today they began the trek to Abisko which is the last depot before Treriksröset.

Magnus on top of a rauk

These strange round holes were made by the water

The longest bridge so far

Berta took good care of us as we last spring visited the station where she was a hostess

The sami Mikael gave the hikers a ride over Akkajaure to Ritsem

yesterday it could have been nice to have an umbrella but a cliff worked almost as well


Slippery and swaying bridge

Sunday morning was a bit cold so it was nice to put on a beanie

Camping place sunday to monday

the pots were to small for the big fish that Magnus caught

Mountain lizard?

Håkan nearly fell into the water as he was trying to catch some fish for dinner. He dropped the fishing rod, but it got stuck between some stones so they could pick it up

Proud fisherman

Seems like a nice dinner

Narrow, slippery and swaying

The best sandwich ever and the most expensive beer

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